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  • Zero time recipes
    I am HUNGRY but don’t feel like cooking and cannot bear the idea of waiting for a take away, I want something that is filling but with zero time to make. The fridge is a bit sad, I must act! I scour the cupboards...
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  • Baby squid and peas
    One of the way to impress your friends is through food, nice, simple and comforting food. nothing fancy, a classic like: Baby squid and peas This dish is at its best whit tiny little baby squids. I sweat some red onions until soft with...
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  • Living like an Italian in London:
    The true essence of Italian cooking is making the most of whatever ingredients the place where you live offers you, in a simple, imaginative way. I happen to live in London now, which means that my favorite butcher is 1610 km away. But in...
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  • Cooking classes
    The cooking classes are available in Florence historical centre or in the Chianti wine region.
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