Why Chianti inside out?

Enzo Minopoli winery chianti tastingChianti Inside Out Offers tours in Tuscany and Italy for travelers who want to experience the intriguing history from the Romans to the reinassance be part of the way of life by meeting local families, wine makers and professional guides.

You will eat in my personal chosen restaurant as well as small trattorie where no one speaks English, you will sample some of the best wines produced in the country and learn the secrets of the Italian cooking with our fun cooking classes.

We tour only in small groups, 16 people is the maximum for each tour, we can access small wineries and country homes because we do not use big buses. We avoid the commercial Itineraries, but sometimes to see a famous site or a city we will need to clash with it.

I have designed these tours so there is not too much driving involved during the day to fully enjoy the experience.

My tours attract people who want to acquire new knowledge in food and wine making and like a bit of adventure.

If you have any enquires about traveling to Italy for the first time or if you know the region and want to discover new places and things to do please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@chiantiinsideout.com

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ENZO MINOPOLII was born in Naples in 1979 and grew up in the nearby area of Campi Flegrei a very fertile and volcanic area where wine and oil is produced.
Since the early age I was involved with wine making and Tomatoes preparation in my grand father’s farm, but also fruit juices and preserve were made in the family. Stomping on the grape was one of the favorite time of the year, but also just before the grape harvest there was the tomato sauce making and bottling where my family use to order a big truck of tomatoes from the nearby countryside in the Campania region and when the driver honked his horn everyone cheered and went to help the big truck unload this enormous amount of tomatoes all neatly stacked in 25 kg baskets. Of course I could not wait to throw a few ripe one to my little brothers and so the war begun my mother was against that because of waste but sometimes she threw a few at my dad, I remember that they were sweet and long in shape and the quality of the tomato was like no other. They were called San Marzano the best for passata or chopped tomato to bottle.

At the age of 11 I moved with my parents and three siblings to Tuscany where my mother opened a very successful deli in the city of Pistoia a medieval town located between Florence and Lucca. Here I was involved with the preparation of fresh pasta and sauces to be sold to the public.

At the age of 13 I enrolled in the Professional culinary institute in Montecatini Terme where I graduated as sous chef.
I won a scholarship to United States to complete my studies and worked there for 18 months in a Italian restaurant in New Jersey, working in all the sector of the restaurant operation.

I then moved to Italy to take part in the military service in Sardinia where I cooked for the Officers and Generals. In 2000 I moved to the South of Italy where I was running a kitchen in a beautiful Spanish restored Arsenal in Santa Maria di Castellabate, the place was called Palazzo Belmonte. Here I have met my wife, she was also working there as a receptionist. At the end of the summer season I moved to London and worked at the Royal Opera house Catering and events for the artists and performers I was promoted restaurant manager there.

I have managed Carluccios café in Esher and Putney , an Italian chain restaurant.I have also worked with Michelin star Chef Richard Corrigan in Piccadilly and Soho.
In 2006 I moved to Tuscany with my wife and my first daughter, and started my own tour company organizing cooking classes, wine tour and the combination of my knowledge for food and wine gave me a good boost.
I have been a resident chef in a stunning villa in Chianti that can sleep up to 12 people and prepared meals for family and friends of the owner.
I taught cooking classes at Central Market in Dallas, San Antonio and worked alongside great chefs in Texas, Stephan Pyles and Richard Chamberlain. I have recently worked for Oliver Peyton in London at the Wallace Collection Restaurant.



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